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Take the challenge!

You want to play an Escape Room (again) without having to travel to Vienna or Linz? Then you've come to the right place!


Forget zombies, vampires, aliens or bomb disposals. What could be more realistic than a true story? Escape Haus is the first Escape Room based on a true story, which makes it one of the most realistic ones ever.


With us, you won't be locked in a room or chained up with someone either. You are looking for the hidden safe and if you open it with some luck and skill, the treasure is yours!


The Escape House was born

... in a conversation with a friend who, despite a great job, a good education and a quiet life, somehow just didn't seem happy.


In the Escape House, you are put in a very realistic but extraordinary situation, where at first you have no idea how to solve the puzzles. Spontaneously, the right idea will drop in, which has been proven to release happy hormones.

Much more than the "treasure", the whole thing is about the "feeling" about it.

Escape Haus is supposed to bring joy – to the aforementioned friend, it already has.

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